Real Estate Agent Courses in Playa del Carmen

AMPI Mexico - Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals

Unlike in USA, up till now it’s Southern neighbor Mexico had almost no regulations when it came to becoming a real estate agent. To become a real estate agent in USA, one has to undergo training and exams to get a license. But in Mexico this wasn’t the case till now. This used to pose a problem for foreign real estate investors who had a hard time to find out genuine, knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agents to safeguard their investments. For a long time, AMPI has been pursuing the agenda of regulating the real estate industry in Mexico. What is …

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How To Become A Real Estate Agent in USA

How to become a real estate agent in USA

Real Estate is booming again. Let’s face the facts, people are always going to need home, offices, shops and lands for themselves. Many others would want to acquire property as a means of investing money. This means that real estate as a industry will always be one of the best employment generator in USA. Real estate jobs are generally thought to be quite lucrative and well-paying. And if you also think so then you’re not totally wrong. If you’re also thinking of becoming a real estate agent then keep reading. Broker vs. Sales Agent If you wish to be a part of real …

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